About Us


Our mission is to provide Australian's with better orgasms and make relationships happier and healthier.

Since 2009 FRISKY® has been on a mission to change the public perception of adult toys. Unfortunately sex has been wrongly stigmatised (mainly by religious organisations) as bad, but every person has the drive to have sex, it is naturally inbuilt. Here at FRISKY we try to foster that drive and make sex less stigmatised, and more fun. We firmly believe that having better orgasms is a way to achieve greater happiness - there is no mental or physical release like an orgasm, and orgasms are a happy place. Orgasms have been shown to make people more content and we've made it our goal to do just that.

You deserve a better orgasm - and we know it!

We think everyone deserves a better orgasm, and nor is anything wrong with that - so long as this is done is a safe, and consenting manner. We also believe that sex toys can improve orgasms, and if they do that and make people smile just that bit more after an orgasm, then that's great.

Frisky.com.au, and the trademarked name FRISKY®, are owned by 365 Enterprises Pty Ltd. Since incorporation in 2009 we have tens of thousands of happy customers, and over 100,000 orders. We are considered one of Australia's largest adult shops (either online or offline), and this all boils down to us focussing our efforts on making our customers happy. Our customer service team provide top quality, and responsive support that is often positively commented on by our customers.

Our Staff

At present with have ten staff working for us, we have a dedicated warehouse, and many computer systems that ensure fast and accurate order processing, speedy delivery and good user experience. If you contact our customer support, then you're likely to speak with Ann, Wendy, or Jason, our IT guy is Stephen, and our MD is Chris. We have another five staff in the warehouse making sure your orders are picked, packed and dispatched on time, every time, and accurately and completely.

We're a member of the big industry associations, EROS, and XBIZ.

We're nice, we support nice charities

We also support several charities and organisations, including, Queensland Aids Council, Switchboard, GLCS. We're always on the look out for organisations which we can help support, so if you know any then please contact us and let us know. We try to support a good organisation in each state of Australia.

We have been featured in several magazines over the past 5 years including but not limited to, Maxim, Penthouse, She Said, SameSame, Curve Mag, Star Observer, Rescu, GNN. We've been featured on radio stations around Australia also, with featured pieces on FoxFM, TripleM.

We believe that providing quality products, competitive prices, easy ordering process and quality customer service in a best possible user experience. If we can achieve those things, then we believe our business growth will take care of itself. So why not come and check out our great product ranges, and find a product that will give you a better orgasm, and a bigger smile. Happy shopping!