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Condoms can sometimes make people feel awkward, but this need not be the case if you choose the correct fit and style for you. Proper fit is essential, not just for comfort but also to ensure the condom works correctly and does not fail.

Ansell's range of condoms offers a variety of different textures, flavours, colours, shapes and sizes to suit every need and occasion.

Ansell is a trusted Australian brand, and they put each and every condom through an extreme pre-packaged stretch and electrical current testing to ensure they can withstand pressure against rips, tears and holes during use.

Choosing a condom to suit your individual needs is essential to providing the experience is satisfactory. Natural and assorted colours (including patterns) are available and choose from a wide variety of textures (ribbed, studded), sizes and widths.

Ansell's ultra thin Zeros or one of their more fitted designs that contour to the shape of the penis can assist with greater sensation when choosing a condom. These ranges are made specifically to reduce the feeling of the condom during intimacy, and Zeros' are Australia's thinnest condoms coming in at just 0.05mm wide.

Each Ansell condom comes in an individual foil package, pre-lubricated with non-spermicidal fluid. The reservoir tip collects ejaculate fluid and makes clean up easy during removal and disposal.

Ultra-thin, no smell, non-slip latex is used to make all Ansell condoms.

Condoms protect you from unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections when used correctly.

Choose from the huge range Ansell offers including Lifestyles, Zero, Skyn and more.

Additional Information
Brand Ansell Condoms
Manufacturer SKU 6216, 6102, 6373, 6540, 6088L, 6196, 6240L, 6215L, 6250L, 6538, 6245R, 6246, 6200L, 6193, 6206L, 6368, 6370, 6369, 6097R, 6468, 6469, 6247L, 6369LHS, 6366, 6367, 6469LHS
Categories Essentials / Condoms
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