Ceramix No. 1

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The Ceramix No. 1 Anal Plug offers eco-friendly fun with temperature play options to boot.

Shaped in the classic bulb the plug will fill the cavity nicely and slip in with little effort due to the tapered tip.

The slim neck will be clasped by the sphincter, and the wide stop end will ensure the plug does not slip in too far and get lost.

The hollow design allows temperature play by filling the cavity with hot or cold water that lasts at temp for around 20 mins of sensual fun. Simply remove the silicone cap and fill.

Made of all natural and recyclable materials, the polished ceramic surface, is smooth so feels beautiful against the skin.

Aesthetically pleasing with arty handcrafted designs, the plug looks cute and inviting.

Use any kind of lube, regardless of it being silicone or water-based.

Additional Information
Brand Ceramix Collection
Manufacturer SKU PD 4901-00

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