Electrastim Solid Metal Scrotal Ring Set 3 Sizes

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Electrastim is a company that specialises in the design and manufacture of devices and accessories used for erotic electro stimulation, and as such provide some of the best available.

The shiny scrotal rings in this set are no exception then, being made from a solid bar of aluminium, and flattened and curved at the edges for maximum safety and comfort.

The three scrotal rings come as a set in 3 different sizes so that they are suitable for the use of men with various sized endowments.

The sizes are 6.8 cm (2.7 inches-large) 6 cm (2.35 inches-medium) 5.2 cm (2 inches-small) and have a small metal attachment sturdily welded to each. This metal attachment is used to connect to a stimulator unit (not supplied) to supply a safe current.

When used together with a cockring, and when both are attached to the stimulator, the electrical circuit is completed by the current flowing between the two, delivering stimulating tingling sensations to heighten the erotic experience.

While the all metal construction of the scrotal rings may not be as flexible as similar electro-play accessories, they do provide the added advantage of being able to be used for temperature play by and they are sure to last for years to come.

Easily cleaned and hygienic.

To get the best results during use, we recommend using a conductive gel to maximise conductivity to the skin.

The rings can also be paired with any other erotic electro stimulation accessory to vary the pleasurable sensations in different areas and customize the deep sensations and contractions they can provide during masturbation, foreplay and intercourse.

An attractive looking addition to your existing toys that are made to last.

Additional Information
Brand Electrastim
Manufacturer SKU EM2140
Width 6.8 cm (large) 6 cm (medium) 5.2 cm (small)
Vibrating Yes
Material Metal

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