Electrastim Urethra Probe

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Electrastim is recognised worldwide for the design, manufacture and introduction of their products to the adult toy market. The Urethra Probe is one of the best sellers because of its versatile Unisex nature. Used by men for prostate stimulation as the urethra is a direct passage to the glans at the head of your penis, passing the prostate gland on the way. It will safely stretch your urethra and we have not been surprised to hear men say that they do not want to put it away once they have it going. Women find vaginal stimulation with the probe a very welcome and intense sensation.

It comes in three sizes, 5mm, 7mm and 9mm. All are 127mm in length. It is one of the Uni-Polar items in the Eletrastim range and you can use it in conjunction with any of the other Uni-Polar items in the range. Many combinations of current are available and you can explore in safety.

This device will deliver a fast explosion via the medical grade stainless steel probe sending electric currents to very sensitive nerve endings along its path.

Handles and grips are insulated for safety and will prevent any surges in power from affecting your hand. Keep the probe in its protective storage box s as not to damage and scratch the surface that could then cause internal tissue damage. Wipes and Electrastim’s particular lubricant are in the box with the probe, and you can buy more separately when required.

The nature of the toy makes it suitable for beginners through to the very experienced electro players thanks to the many levels of intensity available that you can adjust so quickly and esily.

The urethra probe picks up where standard anal probes leave off. Prostate stimulation is deeply satisfying for men but incorporating the often, overlooked urethra takes the probe to a whole new level.

The stainless steel used in production makes it a very hygienic medium to maintain and enjoy endlessly.

Check out the cock rings and scrotal loops that are comppatible to use at the same time.

Additional Information
Brand Electrastim
Manufacturer SKU EM2175, EM2177, EM2179
Size 5 mm diameter, 7 mm diameter, 9 mm diameter
Length 13 cm (large) 10 cm (small)
Width 0.5cm, 0.7cm, 0.9 cm
Wireless Yes
Vibrating Yes
Material Metal
Categories Fetish / Stimulators
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