Extreme Auto Vac Nipple Pumps

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For enhancing the pleasure involved with nipple play and stimulation, the Extreme Auto Vac Nipple Pumps represent one of the easiest to use and effective personal pleasure devices available.

The auto vac is made up of 3 sections: the pump, the two suction cups and a connector nozzle.

When connected, you just place the suction cups over your nipples and hit the 'on' button and 3x AA batteries power the motor that automatically applies exhilaratingly powerful suction to your nipples.

The substantial cups are easily large enough to suit the needs of most women (or men for that matter).

Their quality PVC shaping, as well as the ABS plastic construction in the other components, ensures the pumps are sturdy enough to last for frequent and many pleasurable sessions.

Releasing the pressure is an equally simple process that is done by pressing the 'off' button and the 'vacuum release' buttons, also on the side of the control unit.

Blood flow is drawn towards the nipples which enhances their sensitivity and amplifies the pleasure you feel in the area, even after you have removed the pump.

When you're finished with the pumps, the pumps are easily cleaned by wiping the cups out with a damp cloth.

With such intense stimulation, some women can even achieve a 'nipple orgasm', and there is some empirical evidence that this form of orgasm is a more common experience among some women than we generally accept.

Why not try the Extreme Auto Vac Nipple Pumps, and see for yourself?

Additional Information
Brand Fetish Fantasy Extreme
Manufacturer SKU PD3652-00
Battery Qty 3
Battery Type AA
Vibrating Yes
Material ABS/PVC

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