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To heighten the pleasure of the male orgasm one method is to use a 'ball stretcher'.

When a man is approaching the point of ejaculation, the testicles retract closer to the body and resisting this movement delays this and results in increased intensity of the orgasm.

The extreme Ball Stretcher is designed exactly for this purpose and consists of a heavy-duty parachute cuff. Measuring is 11cm long it should be comfortably placed around the base of the scrotum and secured with metal press studs (giving it a diameter of 3.5cm).

Three metal chains are linked to a small threaded pin, and these can be distributed around the cuff on all sides to distribute weight evenly.

Three small metal weights are supplied which are each .04kg (1.3oz.) or altogether weigh .11kg (4 oz.), that are then screwed onto the pin until the desired weight is achieved.

The weights then hang at approximately 20cm below the cuff.

The downward pull of the weights then works against the retracting testicles and the wearer of the Ball Stretcher can achieve a profoundly powerful orgasm.

The stretcher can be used to enhance pleasure during intercourse, foreplay, and during solo masturbation.

A single weight can be added at a time until the wearer is comfortable with that weight. It can be gradually increased to the weight that gets the most intense result, making the experience fully customizable for the individual.

All of the materials used in the stretcher are body safe and easy to clean using soapy water. Alternatively use a toy cleaner, and then towel dried to protect the metal.

Additional Information
Brand Fetish Fantasy Extreme
Manufacturer SKU PD3660-23
Material Plastic/Metal

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