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Extreme Extreme Compliance Kit

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From the Fetish Fantasy Extreme line of products, comes this kit that is dedicated to ensuring your partner's compliance and servitude.

Sit back and relax while you instruct your playmate to do all of those nasty chores that you dread. If they resist, feel free to discipline them using the items in the kit to enforce your will in some fun and erotic play.

The kit includes a duster, serving dish and toilet brush to complete your subordinates' duties, as well as a sturdy ball gag to silence any argument.

The shiny black ball gag has a special attachment near where it covers the mouth, and the provided chain leash can easily be attached to control your playmates every move or secure them in one place.

All of the other items also include the ability to fasten them to the gag using special fast release clips or perhaps fasten some toys from your own collection. This allows you to indulge in some humiliation play to enforce compliance.

The ball gag is lined on the inside for comfort during extended play and is adjustable to fit any sized slave.

If they continue their muted protest, you may have to scale up your enforcer role, letting them know that their resistance can be met with some extreme punishment. Use the large realistic gel-like rubber dildo (included) as they bend over the toilet to sort out their laziness in no time.

If even the promise of such abuse fails to correct their defiance of your will, team the ball gag with the satin love mask and deny them the sense of sight or use it to objectify them.

Or perhaps you would prefer the satin mask to wear for yourself so you can take on the role of the anonymous dominator!

However, you choose to play with your toys (and your servant); the Extreme Compliance Kit is a fun way to introduce a partner to fetish and BDSM play and extend your sexual repertoire together.

Additional Information
Brand Fetish Fantasy Extreme
Manufacturer SKU PD3642-00
Material Nylon/Rubber

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