Extreme Leather Riding Crop

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Measuring 70cm in total length and boasting a shaft made with solid but flexible ABS plastic, this black equestrian style riding crop is capable of striking your partner with considerable force when you discipline them.

Even just the sound of the crop whistling through the air is enough to heighten anticipation and arousal during your play.

The 3cm wide handle consists of attractively interlaced woven vinyl covering the ABS plastic so that you have maximum control and grip when wielding the whip, as well as considerable accuracy.

At the handles' base, an attached silicon loop can be placed around the wrist allowing you to keep the whip nearby after letting it go. This allows you to use your hands for other purposes and to grip the crop more securely and firmly.

The flat vinyl tab at the end amplifies the sensation and can be used to tap a partner lightly to heighten the delight of anticipating a harder strike. Or to swing the crop swiftly, using its full length and send the sting of the shaft and the sharp slap of the tab to the precise area targeted, inflicting delightfully excruciating pleasure on your playmate.

Additional Information
Brand Fetish Fantasy Extreme
Manufacturer SKU PD3691-23
Length 70 cm
Width 3 cm
Material ABS/Vinyl

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