Extreme-Malpractice Mask

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This bondage hood is both fun and alluring and simultaneously sinister and dangerous.

Made with bright, glossy red and white tight fitting premium latex, with a white cross covering the mouth.

This mask might make you think of some medical professional that you might not trust with your healthcare, and that's exactly what the malpractice mask intends.

The neck is surrounded, and the mask covers the entire head, leaving space for the eyes and the nose, and with a small hole at the mouth to assist with breathing. Overall then, the impression it gives is quite intimidating, making it appropriate to wear for either a dominant or a submissive erotic role player, with equal effect.

At the back of the mask, a sheathed zip allows easy access and removal, protecting the skin and preventing the hair from catching in it.

The mask can also be made even easier to take on and off by applying talcum powder to the inside if desired (we recommend a small amount only).

The unique design and detailed styling of the hood mean that unlike many similar masks, the vision of the wearer is completely unobstructed, and the nose remains comfortable as it isn't covered.

Additional Information
Brand Fetish Fantasy Extreme
Manufacturer SKU PD3695-00
Size OS
Material Latex

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