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For the serious extreme fetishist or those adept at BDSM, this metal beater provides a tool that is capable of inflicting some brutal and merciless levels of pain.

Made entirely of stainless steel, the 53.3 cm (21 inch) length and 2.5cm wide flogger-style beater has a textured handle to assist with more accurate control and grip.

At the base, a convenient metal ring allows you to hang the beater up when you no longer need it.

The handle is hollowed out and houses the 'lashes' which make up the majority of the length of the whip. These lashes are actually slightly flexible metal rods providing a punishing uneven texturing against the skin when used.

Make no mistake; this whip is going to leave deep painful bruising when used with any degree of force against the skin and fleshy muscular areas such as the legs ribs and buttocks.

For an even more extreme degree of BDSM play, the metal build of the beater is easily adapted for extreme temperature play and can be placed in hot water to add heat sensations to the experience. It can also be placed in a refrigerator to provide some temporary soothing coolness to the painful areas, or tease the recipient of the beating before continuing play, or just modify the sensation delivered.

Additionally the whip can be used for electro stimulation play where its conductivity can be used with appropriate devices that deliver electric current and shocks to the subservient playmate via the beater.

To easily clean, wash in warm soapy water, toy cleaner, or 10% bleach solution and ensure the metal is dried.

This beater is an attractive and well-made quality fetish item, though certainly not for the uninitiated or the faint hearted.

Additional Information
Brand Fetish Fantasy Extreme
Manufacturer SKU PD3639-26
Length 53.3 cm
Material Metal

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