Fetish Fantasy Nipple Clamps

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Fetish Fantasy has an extensive range of affordable, good quality nipple clamps. Another Unisex product that will drive you wild with desire.

Tweezer: A good starting point if you are a beginner. These particular Tweezer Clamps are covered with smooth padded rubber so as not to cut or tear your nipples. They will fit comfortably over your nipples to ensure they stay hard and continually register a sexual feeling in the pit of your stomach like no other. Connect them with the 30cm chain accessory to add weight and pull for a more extreme sensation.

Rock Hard: Visually these clamps are hugely appealing. Jewellery for your nipples that will evoke stimulation right down to your core and once tried, you will be adamant that you will not be taking them off anytime soon. The heavy chain will add drag and sway making your senses reel with the slightest movement making a fine line between pleasure and pain. The clamps will not cut because they are covered with padded material to ensure this does not occur. You can increase pressure with the adjustable screw fitted to each clamp.

Japanese Clover Clamps: Clover Clamps are spring loaded, a harsher device with no soft padding on the grips that fit onto the nipples. They are made entirely of metal and comprise of a lever mechanism that is directed more to the well versed in nipple clamping. They look and feel heavier than other types of clamps with and adornment hanging from the bottom. They are adjustable and bite hard when tightened to add a more tense sensation if you are an experienced user.

Butterfly Clamps: The very ornate filigree butterflies hanging from these clamps provide the weight that tugs your nipples and cause you to draw deep breaths as your body movement makes them sway to and fro. Alluring and sensual to watch or experience.

Additional Information
Brand Fetish Fantasy Series
Manufacturer SKU PD3625-26, PD3624-26, PD3610-00, PD3605-02
Categories Fetish
Fetish / Clamps
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