Interchangeable Crop Top - Narrow Loop

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The main handle from the sportsheet interchangeable crop has a new option for interchangeable fun in this narrow loop top.

The narrow loop is perfect for adding a bit of spice to your sexual encounter, and whether you are experienced in BDSM or just a beginner, the crop top will allow you to find your ultimate in fetish pleasure.

Using the narrow tip gives a short, sharp and intense smack to your lover. Your imagination as a couple is all you will need. A quick slap to the bottom can intensify any lovers session as part of the stimulation is not knowing when it is going to happen or use your Narrow loop to tantalise other areas of your lovers body.

The Narrow Loop is made from high-quality rubber ensuring years of pleasure.

Additional Information
Brand Sportsheet
Manufacturer SKU SS770-05
Material Rubber

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