Returns & Our Replacements Warranty


We have found that normally, in 95% of cases, returns that we have received are working fine. Often is is that the batteries are not placed into the device correctly - please ensure you have tried new batteries, checked the polarity on the product battery compartment and ensured the batteries are placed in the correct way. If that does not work then please read the below information.

Do you believe your return is faulty? - How to get a replacement for your faulty product - For faulty products we provide a 14 day replacement warranty, from the date that the product was received (according to Australia Post tracking delivery date).

If a product you purchased is determined to be faulty, we will replace the item with an identical product. If for some reason we are unable to replace with the exact same product then, we provide 2 options, 1. Choose alternative product(s) to the same value, or 2. A refund for the faulty product.

Note: When returning the product to us, standard postage fees will apply. We recommend using an Australia Post Pre-Paid Standard Post Satchel, which are available at any Australia Post outlet. If the return relates to a completely faulty product, then we will send the replacement product to you at no additional cost. Should the product be determined to be functioning correctly then the customer must pay all send and return postage costs.

When returns are received by our warehouse, our technician will test the return, check serial numbers and ensure all information matches, and is correct.

BEFORE returning your product, please contact support and obtain a return authority (RA) number. Returns that are sent to us without an RA number will not be logged into our system, or accepted.

The purchaser must pay postage costs for all returns which are not faulty, or that cannot be accepted for return (used products, deliberately damaged, or because of a change of heart - these are NOT acceptable reasons for return). As you can imagine there are significant health and hygiene reasons that prevent our staff from handling used products.

In the event of a return which is not accepted, we will notify you of this, ask for return shipment payment, and hold onto the product for a period of 30 days after receipt, or 30 days after notification. After this 30 period has expired we will dispose of the product.

For all orders with an approved RA number

Returns Address:- P.O. Box 2282, Richmond South, Victoria, 3121
If returning a product, please make sure you include a cover letter with the following information:
Return Authority Number (RA Number)
Order number
Customer name
Your contact details (postal address, phone number)
A detailed reason for the return - what exactly is wrong with the product?
A print out copy of any correspondence with our support staff relating to this return

How to obtain an RA Number: - Please reply to your order invoice or shipment email, stating the product you are having the issue with and the exact symptoms of the problem. - this will allow us to then lookup your order, help you try to solve the problem, and if necessary, create the RA Number for you. If you do not have this email, then please use the contact form on this website, stating your order number, the product name and the issue you're having.

Your product isn't faulty? - Why We Do Not Take Non-Defective Returns

1. We believe strongly in treating our customers with respect. Due to the nature of the products we sell we want to make sure that our customers are protected, and fostering clean, hygienic and healthy living. We do everything we can to make sure that everything we sell is clean, hygienic, sealed, and has never been directly touched by a human, and also, has never been used before. Once an order leaves our warehouse facility there is no way of verifying that the products within are still new and unused and therefore we do not take returns beyond a 14 day faulty replacement warranty, which we outline above.

2. Should we undertake accepting non-faulty returns, we would be subjecting our customer to the potential risks of contracting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) - this raises potential liability claims, lawsuits, and even legislative problems, in us sending out a sex toy that may have been used. We care about our customer's health and feel very strongly that no business should ever risk a customer's health in this manner.

3. Our staff have to handle returns - should a return be accepted back, and potentially have been used, then we would be putting at risk our staff in touching these kinds of returns, and this directly contravenes many Federal Health and Hygiene Laws regarding the safe workplace for employees.

We try our very best to keep all of our customers happy, and appreciate your respect, in understanding the reasons why we are unable to accept returns for non-faulty returns - health and hygiene is a very important issue.Please consult the sizing charts below before you make a purchase from any of our lingerie, or costume ranges - we are unable to accept returns on any lingerie products. If you have any questions please contact customer service, using the contact page.